Wroughton house stables 

Our beautiful stables are set in a prime location at the bottom of Warren Hill Gallops. We walk out of the gates and it opens out on to the Heath where the view is incredible!

Wroughton House Stables has been home to a Grand National winner, Gragalach, who was trained by Tom Leader in 1929. My mum and dad bought Wroughton House Stables about 27 years ago and this is where I started my riding career, and now my training career! 

A morning at Wroughton House Stables – 

The horses are fed at 5.30amevery morning, except Sundays when they get a lie in! The lads then start work at 6.45am, giving the horses time to eat, and for it to settle before they start exercising. First lot go on the walker for half an hour and then pull out for exercise at 7.30am. They start at the Severals (trotting ring) have a walk and a trot to warm up, followed by one or two canters depending on the day/horse. The same is done with another three lots but often utilising different gallops. The grass canters/gallops are only open at certain times, depending on the time of year and weather conditions. On work mornings, which are normally Fridays, we gallop them on the Al Bahathri which is an all-weather gallop but there is a grass gallop next to this. On the other side of the road to this gallop is the Limekilns where they have grass gallops and canters.

After exercise the horses get washed, their legs are checked and through the summer electrolytes put in the drinking water to keep the horses hydrated. After the horses have been exercised, the yard is tidied up and it’s time for lunch. We then head back to evening stables at 4pm until 5.30/6pm, at which stage the horses are skipped out, brushed over, and rugged if needed. Their legs are checked once again and they’re fed for the night. 

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Our beautiful stables are set in a prime location at the bottom of Warren Hill Gallops.